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Trilochansingh Bhatia
Head - Product Design, FAG India
Brought up in Ahmedabad; studied at the renowned M. S. University of Baroda. Joined FAG and has been residing in the city with family since 24 years.
Before joining college at Vadodara, I spent 18 years in Ahmedabad. After graduating from MSU, I started my career at FAG India as a trainee engineer and have been working here for 20 years now. I'm here with my family - my parents, sisters, brothers and my wife and son. My father himself worked as an engineer at MSU and is an author of several books.
The core thing about Vadodara is that it's green, peaceful and a great place for the family. It has changed a lot in the last few years. There are lots of malls and multiplexes now. There are lots of sports facilities as well - my son plays tennis everyday which has helped him tremendously and at multiple levels - he plays at state-level now. There are many surrounding places where you spend time with family - Pavagadh, Ajwanimeta. Kamati baug is the perfect place to relax and unwind. My son loves the zoo. Sursagar gives you peace of mind. EME
temple is also a great place. We love non-veg food especially during winter - and there are lots of places here where you get amazing non-veg food. We've started eating South Indian food as well. There's a lot of variety here and it is this variety that helps one develop their taste buds. On the religion front - there are 3 Gurudwaras here. In fact, there are lots of spiritual and religious places for all faiths here.
We've grown very fond of the place and have integrated pretty well into its culture - my colleague tells me that I'm a Punjabi-Gujarati now. People get shocked that despite being a Sikh, I can fluently talk in Gujarati. If I was to leave the city, I would really miss the people - their nature, attitude and positivity - they're not cunning or sly but helpful and supportive. So, it's a very safe and secure place.