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Jagruti Gala
Founder Trustee,
AURA - A Learning Place
A total Mumbaikar. Marriage brought her to Vadodara 18 years ago. Is now wedded to the city's cultural and intellectual environment.
Everything here is so simple. The people are wonderful. You're surrounded with art and beauty. It's peaceful and green. I've never had to worry about my children's safety. Travelling is easy - everything is 15 minutes away. And it's highly affordable - from food to shopping to lifestyle, you don't have to go out of your pocket and yet you can do so much. I've grown up in Bombay so it holds a very special place in my heart but once you've experienced Vadodara, everything changes.
One of the greatest things about this city is that people here actually live their lives differently. They make quiet choices and continue doing what makes their lives meaningful without making any fuss or noise about it. It's the vibe here - there are no crazy benchmarks expected from you - there is great work
happening around you which itself is inspiration enough, you're given your personal space and you're encouraged to be
fearlessly creative.
My school, AURA (Awareness- Understanding-Reflection-Action), was born after I got back from Harvard. It's a place where children love and learn without fear. We only act as facilitators and help them build greater awareness and deeper understanding. We provide them with tools and experiences which they can use to reflect upon their journeys so that they move into more informed and loving actions in order to make a greater impact upon this world and on themselves. It's been a really rewarding and satisfying journey so far and frankly, none of it would have been possible back
in Mumbai.