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Before moving here, we had a lot of apprehension about what the city would be like - we were a young couple and we had no idea about Gujarat or about Vadodara. Slowly things settled and we started enjoying our life here.
Though I'm nostalgic about Kolkata at times, I would really not want to go back. Sometimes, it's very surprising to think that way but that's how it is - Vadodara has somehow gotten into us. It's peaceful, safe and comfortable. People are friendly and warm. When there's an accident, nobody rage about it - people get up, help each other and move their own way. It's things like this that catch your attention here.
From the very first day that I got here, I've never once thought that I didn't have family here. We had our first kid here and we've grown as a family together. The crowd is cosmopolitan - there's a great mix and there're no negative vibes of regionalism.
We have great neighbours - they've always come to our help.
Business runs in the veins of this state and trade goes no fair and square. We've never felt cheated. The opportunity to enjoy art, music and culture is ample. There is always something happening in the city and it's fantastic.
I never had to worry about education here. There are enough and great schools. My children have enjoyed their childhood instead of being subjected to unhealthy competition of the rat race. There's a gradation system and there's no competition among the parents - they're rather supportive and encouraging - believe me, this is an issue for parents because I've seen things back home which are not very pleasant.
The best thing about Vadodara is that it includes all kinds of people but still retains its character. It's fantastic.
Aditi Bandyopadhyay
Manager - Information Systems L&T - Sargent and Lundy Ltd.
An out-and-out Kolkata resident. Came to Vadodara with her husband in 1998. Fell in love with the city, settled down, had her first kid here and hasn't looked back since.