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My husband works for Kohler and it was his work assignment that brought us to Vadodara. We also wanted to be in India because our parents are here. We've been here only 5 months and it's been a very interesting experience, to say the least.
Vadodara is so cosmopolitan. There are people here who have studied abroad and have come back with great education and are now involved in growing their family businesses.
We've had some great interactions - it's not just the intellect of the people that takes you by surprise, they are very open-minded, love to party, are open to adventure and extremely warm and friendly.
There are great multiplexes and malls. There's a lot of money in this town so work opportunities are plenty. I think we've settled in quite easily and it's hard to even think about leaving this town.
Akshi Jain
Originally from Rampur, UP; lived in the US for 6 years. Came to Vadodara with her husband who is on a 2-year assignment with Kohler. Loves the cosmopolitanism of the city and is amazed by the density of luxury cars.