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Managing Director, Heat Applications India Pvt. Ltd.
English Businessman; first came to Baroda in 1990 on a work assignment. Loved the city; married and settled here.
Today, after almost 21 years, I'm extremely happy and well-settled. I came here in 1990 on behalf of my old company on a contract which gave me the chance to interact with the people of Vadodara and understand the business climate here. Even then, the city was full of entrepreneurs who were more than happy to do business with foreigners.
Eventually, I opted out of my firm and started my own business. The only apprehension I had was whether I'd be successful in my venture. But I found it more than easy to navigate my way through as a stranger and my business has grown from a staff of four and a rather small turnover to a staff of 60 and an attractive turnover.
So yes, it's been a great journey.
For the traveller - Vadodara is great if you want to experience India. It has its own unique, distinctive cosmopolitan culture which doesn't take much time to grow on you. Also, it has great connectivity - there are regular flights out to Bombay / Delhi. Ahmedabad which is just two hours away has flights going out to various parts of the world. Moreover, NH-8 offers you with the chance to see really interesting places in India.
For the family man - Vadodara is incredibly safe. Friendly and caring people. Good schools. Great houses at competitive prices. Household help is also easily available. I can tell you from my experience - once you ease in, which is fairly quick, it'll be next to impossible for you to leave because you wouldn't want to trade your newfound comfort with anything - not for the world.