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Devkumar Davesar
General Manager - Technical Services FAG India
A true-blue Punjabi; did his schooling in Vadodara. Travels extensively across Europe and Asia on work.
I came to Vadodara back in 1979. It was a very small city then but I was amazed by it - it was full of energy, creativity and love - friendly and helpful people, lots of students from various parts of the world, things happening all the time - concerts and plays and sports - it was alive and happening even then. And in this regard, it hasn't changed one bit.
Now, it's expanding - there are lots of things coming in and around the city - resorts, clubs, industries, schools, malls etc. But despite this
influx of infrastructure, the spirit and moral fabric of the city hasn't changed - the people are still wonderful - they'll welcome you even at 10 in the night.
Everyone wants to be together and have fun. You can celebrate all kinds of festivals - doesn't matter where you're from. The traffic has surely increased but the distances are short so it all works out beautifully. The city is still green - Kamati Baug with its planetarium and museum is still the very same landmark it used to be.