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After graduation and working for a few years, I decided to start my own business. We realised that Vadodara was the right place to start a business from because of the great balance it offers in terms of work, leisure and family life.
First of all, the size of the city is small so you don't spend much time commuting. I can get from home to the tennis courts, play tennis for two hours, go back home, freshen up and still get to the office in time. 10 hours of office work and then I join my family for dinner. So, the life here is convenient, easy-going and balanced.
Second, there is a sufficient talent pool here - both in terms of intelligence and cultural diversity. In the technology business, we need smart and creative
people and Vadodara offers these in plenty. Moreover, being home to the MSU, Vadodara has both education and cosmopolitanism in its genes. There are people from all walks of life - art, culture, music, science, technology - everything.
Finally, when you go out and socialise, you see people from varied background. Honestly, Vadodara is one of few cities which offers many opportunities to interact with a large diversity.
Our company Matrix exports telecom and security solutions to more than 25 countries - all researched, designed, engineered, manufactured and marketed from Vadodara. This is what Vadodara offers!
Ganesh Jivani
Managing Director
Matrix Comsec
This first-generation entrepreneur arrived in Vadodara to study engineering. His start-up, headquartered in the city, is the country's leading PBX brand and retails across the world