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Mayur Patel
Crossword - Vadodara
A dynamic businessman of Mumbai. Used to visit Vadodara often as he had factories here. Fell in love with the city and shifted permanently with family.
I moved to Vadodara about 10 years ago and to say the least, coming here has been a blessing. It's peaceful and green. Less traffic. Less pollution. Much lesser commuting time. Quality of life both as a parent and as an individual is far superior - you can work as well as spend enough time with the family.
Vadodara is also very well connected - you can make it to places like Udaipur, Mt. Abu, Bombay in just 4-5 hours. Ahmedabad with its international airport is just 2 hours away. There are beautiful places like Jambughoda and Champaner within 45 minutes from here. Overall, it's conveniently located - it's the South Central city of Gujarat.
Vadodara is the cultural capital of Gujarat, and an education hub. The presence of the MS
University has had a strong influence on the city. While in Mumbai I used to take my kids to Crossword every weekend. Sensing the intellectual vibrancy of Vadodara and the fact that there was nothing like Crossword in the city we decided to open a Crossword in Vadodara.
At the outset the idea did have its share of sceptics but we went ahead. We started with 6000 sq. ft. and within 3 years, we expanded to 10,000 sq. ft. Today, after 12 years, it has become a destination place - there's a large open space where one can browse around and read - there's no pressure of buying anything - there's music - we also have a café - it has worked like a charm.