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Sarabjit Singh
Vice President - Sales & Marketing FAG India
From Delhi, been working here for the last 22 years. Lived here for 4 years and now visits every week for work. Refound his love for cricket here. Plays tennis and does gardening regularly, something impossible for him in Delhi due to his hectic schedule
I've got a lot of years and memories associated with this city both as a regular visitor and as a resident. I was with my family for about 4 years. Now, my family's back in Delhi but I come every week. I like Vadodara for the basic culture that it exhibits – the simplicity and the small distances. Home to workplace is not far – this simplicity gives you peace of mind and tranquillity – it's really hard to get this in Delhi.
I also rediscovered my love for cricket – there are constant cricket matches going on here – and there are some really good cricketers here so that makes the game altogether a different experience. I also get to play tennis here – something I couldn't the find the time to do in Delhi. I love gardening as well and I'm able to do that too – it's amazing.
Although I come from a Punjabi background, I have a lot of Gujarati friends – that's the thing
about this city – people are open and they just absorb you as their friend.
Another thing is that since 1989, when I first came here, I've seen a lot of development in all areas. It's mindblowing – malls, roads, residences, schools, hospitals. And yet, there is simplicity in living.
The work culture here is great. Gujaratis are enterprising, committed and adapt very quickly, so Vadodara has always been an attractive proposition for the corporates to set up base here. Moreover the diversity acts as a major added advantage because you get the right kind of culture within your organisation.
All in all, the lifestyle here is modern but at the same time it has the advantages of a small town. I really don't know of any other place that offers this balance.