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Before moving to Vadodara, I was working with a company in Houston, Texas. The move hasn't been difficult to handle - it's surprisingly quiet but there's a mix of the old and the new - tradition and modernity - so it's been great so far.
The one great thing about Vadodara is the employment opportunity it provides for a lot or professionals - there are a lot of engineering companies, manufacturing and production facilities are plenty, so not just for engineering but there's plenty of stuff for anyone who wants to pursue careers in other sectors as well.
One of the advantages of Vadodara is that I got back to playing tennis, something I didn't get the time to do in all the other places. There are lots of multiplexes and malls here - INOX is my favourite. There are plenty of food options and the restaurants here are amazing - we visit a few quite regularly.
There are some very interesting places just on the outskirts of the city. I'm looking forward to the Sardar Sarovar dam which is next on our list. Moreover, the city is extremely safe. So, it's a great package in the form of a small town.
L&T Engineering Services
Originally from Hyderabad; worked in Houston, Texas before moving to Vadodara. He appreciates the opportunity to grow as a professional. He rates Vadodara as one of the most safest city to live in.