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Marinda Mouton
Came from South Africa. Been here four months, she is supposed to stay for three years. She thinks, Vadodara is a crime-free city and everybody is very friendly and helpful.
The day after we moved into our house, our neighbours invited us to a birthday party and there we met a lot of other expats after which we really got involved with all the activities of the women's club - lunches, meetings etc. Our activities happen really often and we meet each other frequently. The women's club was started about 6-7 years back to get women together on a monthly basis and help them out in every way. It's important to say that it's a support group and not a networking club. My friends in Mumbai complain that there's nothing like this over there and that they get really lonely at times. Here, you have good connections.
In the last couple of months, Vadodara has become really close to our heart. It's almost a crime-free city and everybody around here is very friendly and helpful. It's like a countryside city - drive just 5 km. from the city and you're around trees and nature. I have two daughters - 15 and 12. They go to Navrachana International School. It's a great school because it really
makes an effort to make them feel at home. They have a buddy system - these buddies introduce them to the system and other things so they get comfortable really quickly. The international curriculum's great so as parents, we're not concerned about their studies or their future.
There are extra-curricular activities happening year-round - both my daughters learn music - they go to the RCA music studio which is just around the corner - my younger one learns tennis right next to the Sterling gym so yes that's also available - it keeps them busy - our housing society has a pool and a gym - so it's easy even for us to do things and stay active. Back in South Africa, we were living by the countryside so it was difficult for the kids to go out in the evenings and meet friends but here they can - they go to restaurants a lot and get to hang out with their friends often - when we go back, they're going to miss that a lot.