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Chandni Saraf
Design Engineer, Matrix Comsec
Resident of Abu Dhabi; studied in Mumbai; came to Vadodara in 2009. Is glad that she didn't opt for a larger city – absolutely loves the extra time she gets here.
I was born and brought up in Abu Dhabi and if I was to settle down in India, I wanted it to be Bombay. I had done my engineering there and I loved my life there. But circumstances got me here and it took me about 6 months to settle down but once I did, there was no looking back.
The cost of living is optimum. It's a growing city in terms of industrialisation and is expanding rapidly so everyone has good growth opportunities. People here are friendly and broad-minded.
It's a major railway station so you get trains to any part of India. There are regular flights to the major cities. The Ahmedabad expressway provides a good connectivity to the international airport. Public transport within the city is also great. You can move around freely in complete safety.
It's so easy to manage work and home - this is a luxury that people in big cities don't have.