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Sr. Manager-Import / Export /
Logistics, L&T Power
Mumbaikar for 30 years; Vadodarian for 2; loves the way of life here, the liberty to enjoy the small things in life and free time for himself and family. Plans to settle down in Vadodara post-retirement and has also bought a house with a garden for the same.
I lived in Mumbai for 30 years. The minute I got here, I fell in love with the city.
The way people live here in beautiful houses is the first thing that catches your attention. In Mumbai, we used to live in what we call Pigeonhole houses. But here, even the buildings are beautiful with gardens and good roads around. And the people - which is the most beautiful aspect of Vadodara - I've seen many places and I've lived in many metros - let me tell you, the people here are altogether different - very cool, loving, caring and helpful.
I've decided to stay back here postretirement. I've already bought a house of my own with a beautiful garden - today I'm so happy that I keep myself busy with the garden - the peace of mind I get is tremendous. My two sons are in Pune working in IT companies - they're always
eager to come and they always go back relaxed and happy.
Back in Mumbai, I used to be stressed out over time and distance. Here, I can even have breakfast. Travelling is so comfortable - no hassles whatsoever. On working days, I can go cycling and jogging. I'm very fond of games so on non-working days, I'm either swimming or playing football, cricket etc. I've been able to do these only after moving to Vadodara. And there are lots of beautiful grounds here for sports. In Mumbai, there'll be 25 teams on one small ground - I used to curse myself and wonder when I'd get to play on a ground that's all to myself.
In all honesty, even if I'm offered a job with triple my current salary, I wouldn't go - wouldn't ever compromise on the amazing life I have in Vadodara.