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Executive Vice President,
L&T Hydrocarbons
Another Mumbaikar who came to Vadodara in 2009. Says Vadodara has the warmth of a culturally-rich small town with all the opportunities of a big city.
In late 1993, when we decided to set up a joint-venture engineering company in the hydrocarbon sector - we had a lot of choices but we settled on Vadodara - not just because Gujarat is the capital of the hydrocarbon industry but because Vadodara, in particular, is in a strategically important location.
There are several hydrocarbon industries in close proximity, it is very well connected to all the major cities and it is an emerging city with growing infrastructure.
There are great academic institutions, a big talent pool of engineering graduates, a very
cosmopolitan and smart crowd, top-class housing, and entertainment, sporting events and festivals happening through the year. So this city offers a great work-life balance and an excellent standard and quality of life to our people.
On the other hand, L&T offers a great culture. Personally I enjoy the warmth, the culture, the heritage and the right blend that exists here - of art, education, entertainment and work. It's hard to get this in other places.