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Dr.Jacques Mouton
Technical Director, Sasol
South African professional; here on a
3-year assignment. Loves the fantastic support system that the city offers
for expats.
Sasol had been looking for the perfect city in India for sourcing equipment and services to be exported to Sasol plants all over the world. Vadodara has great suppliers who are capable of providing us with our technically complex equipment. Travelling and logistics work out well - less traffic and great connectivity, with regular flights to all major cities. The Ahmedabad international airport is not very far. Plus, community life here is great and the city's safety factor is unbeatable.
It's been a great transition even for my family. The children go to an international school and are very happy there - they've fit in quite well. For housing, there are lots of options available in terms of size, rent, area etc. For food, we found a few places which had everything, right
from different types of cheese to different sauces to frozen seafood. Moreover, the quality is excellent whether it's locally manufactured or imported. There are lots of restaurants offering international cuisines - right from Chinese to Continental to local Indian food. Even the fast-food chains of the world like McDonald's and Pizza Hut have been around for quite a while.
We regularly visit Crossword, a lovely bookstore with a small coffee shop. They've got a varied collection of books and at very reasonable prices. There are lots of shopping centres as well with all the major brands of the world for clothing, sports and electronic equipment.