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Emily Brammer
President and Founder
Axon Advisors
American entrepreneur; has been outsourcing IT product development to Vadodara. Came down for some face-time with the development team and stayed on for a year.
I've been outsourcing to a product development group here since last November. I came down to Vadodara because I wanted to have a more face-to-face interaction with the group.
I've met some extraordinary people here. I have never met people with such warmth and hospitality, with the willingness to drop everything and help you get settled. Getting to know the expatriate community has also been a really interesting experience. There's a great balance of the locals and the expat community so you never feel out of place or uncomfortable.
Business-wise, it's been great. Outsourcing has its challenges but the city has coped up well.
There are some exquisite farms both within and on the outskirts of the city. Landscaped by famous architects, most of them look like an Asian dreamland with hills and man-made bridges and lakes. It is nature, set somewhere in the middle of modern urbanity.
There are a lot of people I know who'd gone to the US for their doctorates - these are very smart people who've turned down great work opportunities and the chance of a really rewarding life - and have come back home to Vadodara. Only now do I realise that more than home, they've come back to a fulfilling and peaceful life.