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Erica Harris
Lives in Brooklyn, New York. Is known for her fascinating mixed media collages. Teaches art to children across the world. Has facilitated projects in Vadodara, Guatemala, Macedonia, Brazil, El Salvador, Southeast Asia, and Brooklyn in
recent years.
Even in an opportune land like New York, there's this constant financial stress which restricts me from creating opportunities for other people to do what they have never done before. Whereas here in Vadodara, it's so easy for me. I don't share a language with the people but the ability to leverage art as a medium to create something together is really priceless. When we came here, we wanted to create a connection with the community which would sustain itself, even after we left. Everything just fell in place - easy commute, being able to just join in and do projects, and above all, the city's ability to keep things
casual. The kind of exposure, success and appreciation we have got for our projects is really good. The city is so inclusive that I don't feel like a tourist here. In other cities, there's always this lack of connection, but people in Vadodara envelope you with their warmth Vadodara. They make you feel really welcome; for them meeting and greeting us becomes almost a kind of celebration. To know more about Erica's work in Vadodara, visit