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Nasser Al-Alawi
Production Measurements & Field Automation Supervisor,
Petroleum Development Oman
A resident of the Sultanate of Oman, work brings him to Vadodara for long durations. Is all praise for the fantastic hotels, shopping avenues, delectable cuisine
and the warmth with which the city
envelopes him.
We have a project going on with L&T and am going to be in the city for a couple of months until the design is over. This is my third time here - it's very different from where we come, but whatever I've seen of it, I've liked.
The people are nice. The shopping malls are great. It's modernised now - top-class restaurants - Mainland China is especially very good. First-class hotels - good facilities and amenities along with fantastic service.
The Navratri is an interesting experience - it's really interesting to see such mass
coordination - very colourful. The city has a very different vibe - there's lots of energy. The only downside is the traffic but still, the scene isn't as bad as in the metros of India - and I'm amazed at how people control their moves - there are all kinds of vehicles yet there's very good harmonization.
I'm looking forward to working here - especially at L&T Knowledge City - it's a modernised centre which competes with the rest of the world in terms of setup, knowledge and skill.