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Rahul Kumar
Executive Assistant to President
Schaeffler, India
From Pune, been here for past one year. Was struck by the short distances. Lived in Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad where he feels the distances are huge. Was surprised to find that language is not a barrier. And delighted to find the time to pursue his passion for teaching kids.
When I came here, the first thing that struck me was the short distances. I've lived in Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad - in all these places, the distances are huge. You spend a lot of time in traffic - here, the distances are short and the routes are not complicated so it's easy to find your way around. You realise that you're not spending your time on other things but on things you want to do. This work-family balance - It's hard to get elsewhere - home to office is not even 15 minutes. If I'm required to stay in the office till 8, I don't get worried about which bus to take and whether I'll get it at all - it's great.
A friend of mine here runs an MBA coaching class - I go there and teach - there's no
money but I love teaching - it's a passion and I get the time to do that here. I haven't had the chance to explore Vadodara enough but I've been to a few places in and around Vadodara - Pavagadh is amazing.
When I first came to Gujarat, I thought that language would be a big barrier but that never happened. People try to talk in Hindi even if they can't. My wife is also happy. She was a little disappointed in the beginning because she was used to her life in Pune but she settled down fairly quickly - she's started using a twowheeler looking at the girls here - now she's okay because she can move around whenever and wherever she wants - and I'm not worried because it's safe.