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Reena R Parikh
Director, EUROKIDS Makarpura
Married in a business family with
a base in Mumbai and Vadodara. Chose to nestle in Vadodara in '94.
Is enjoying every moment in the city nurturing young children at Eurokids.
Vadodara was my 'love at first sight'. It was during 90's; the first year of my college, when I visited a very appealing and lively Vadodara.
I was born and brought up in a small town and regretted its access to limited resources, but at the same time loved the peace one finds there. So I always dreamt of residing in a place which is a mixture of peace and growth. And Vadodara is absolutely that – it has the best of both. My list of positive things on Vadodara is endless. The cosmopolitan environment; rich cultural heritage; friendly, helpful, honest and grounded people; disciplined lifestyle; safety; respect for quality work; availability of multi-cuisine restaurants and many more. Geographically, Vadodara has a very simple road map and unlike other cities, new travellers can easily explore the city on their own.
Professionally, when I started my preschool, EUROKIDS, it was totally a new concept in the
field of early childhood education, but people here admired it and accepted it with an open heart and mind. I really appreciate this attitude of Barodians - a willingness to adapt to positive things from any culture or country.
Also Vadodara has few of the best educational institutions in India. Schools and our MS University make a remarkable difference in the overall attitude and personality of students making them better future citizens of India. The city shares a rich heritage of art since Gaekwad's rule and it's well preserved and maintained, till now. It provides ample opportunities for upcoming artists too. The grand celebration of festivals like Navratri and Ganeshotsav make people fall in love with Vadodara immediately.
I have travelled across many cities of the world, and have many family members settled in Germany, Mumbai and USA but Vadodara is the most appealing place to be.