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Vinod Srinavasa
Executive - Quality Management
L&T Power
Moved to Vadodara 2 years back from Bangalore. Loves the food, the culture, the people, the sport. He plays badminton and is preparing hard for the 9 nights of garba.
Frankly, my first reaction to Vadodara wasn't positive - I had very little knowledge of the city and more so, I was used to life in Bangalore which I thought was perfect and couldn't get any better. When I got here, I was put off by the weather - Bangalore weather is probably the best and honestly, for me, it can't ever be replaced.
But once you start living here, after the initial getting-used-to, you soon start seeing the real Vadodara. The culture, the food, the people, the way of life - it's all very unique. After you are done with looking at the curtains and cribbing about them, you see what's happening beyond them.
I used to be a good badminton player back in school. Now, I play at Bal Bhavan - they've got a decent indoor stadium - it's refreshing and I'm getting back to it so I'm happy. I even played at the L&T tournament so the action is back on.
Study-wise, I'm inclined towards the management and recently, I got to hear about the Baroda Management Association - I've been to a few of their talks. Every Wednesday, there are sessions that I don't want to miss out on - very unique and interesting topics being discussed. I'm experimenting a lot in terms of food, travelling - whatever is possible. The food here is awesome - I'd never tried street food but it's really tasty and I was kind of forced to give way to my initial inhibitions. Once in a while, I also try the Gujarati Thali.
Professionally, it's been great. I'm growing with the organisation here. There are lots of opportunities - be it in my own technical stream or with the various associated functions. I'm also someone who likes to interact with different kinds of people and that opportunity is available here in plenty. I'm still getting used to a few things but so far, it's been super.