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The moment you enter the city, there's this warmth and acceptance from the people – people are very helpful; they're loving, caring, friendly. I feel living in a smaller city and that too Vadodara is much better than living in Delhi because your personal growth is much more. There are dramas, gigs, plays happening all the time. It happens in Delhi as well but it's difficult to commute because of distances and traffic. That way, Vadodara is much better - a phone call and you're there in 15 minutes. CC Mehta, Kirti Mandir, the Palace - things keep happening. And this is not run-of-the-mill stuff but really good stuff.
The smallest of festivals are celebrated in a big way which is a very good thing here. Here it's more about tradition and culture and community, not just pomp and glory.
More often than not, I find myself stationed at Javnika (Kirti Mandir) - it's so peaceful there - you can just sit back, reflect and do whatever you want. Being from Delhi, it was hard to understand the unconditional love of the people but soon I realised that this is how people here are. I'd want to live here all my life. Period.
Psychologist & Hypnotherapist
A stage loving psychologist from Delhi; Finds the city large enough to pursue her varied cultural interests, small enough to feel cozy and loved; Seven years without an itch in Vadodara; Wouldn't want to live anywhere else