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In the 90s, we were hunting for a location to develop an engineering centre for our hydrocarbon and power businesses. After a detailed search, we settled on Vadodara because it offered the right mix - close to our manufacturing facility, of the right size, great infrastructure, booming city and culturally rich - which summed it up to be a great place for people to both live and work.
I've lived in many places - Bombay, Delhi, Chandigarh, London (UK), Princeton (USA). I can say that overall, Vadodara offers a very balanced quality of life. It has the right mix of a big city and a small town.
Firstly, the luxury of time and short distances - I can leave home just 10 minutes before check-in time. Other places, you have to plan - it can take anywhere between 30 minutes to 3 hours. Here, I can predict the traffic and it'll still be
15 minutes or 20 minutes of driving time.
Second, it's peaceful, safe and offers a lot of opportunities for leisure. There are lots of shopping malls, cinema halls, multiplexes, restaurants etc. I'm a member of the Golf Club and I get to spend quality time there with my wife.
Third, I actually enjoy working here. L&T knowledge city is a place different from the rest of the places in Vadodara or for that matter, from any other L&T operation in the country. Not just me, but everyone actually likes to come and work here. We have a lot of ambitious plans to take this further. We are also planning, to come up with, among other things, a hostel, a place for entertainment, a lounge and a place for people to relax. These will enhance the campus further and will make it truly unique.
Sunil Pande
Executive Vice President,
Marketing and Communication,
L&T Power
His career in L&T has taken him to Mumbai, Delhi, Chandigarh, London (UK) and Princeton (USA). After a year in Vadodara, considers the city an ideal place for families to live together and for bachelors to groom their careers.