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Head - HR, L&T Power
Was hesitant to leave Mumbai, finally came to Vadodara 8 years ago. Now, is the President of Baroda Management Association. Is impressed with the top-notch medical facilities and the warm caring doctors. Has decided to stay back in Baroda post-retirement.
There were only a couple of engineering companies operating from Vadodara when L&T decided to start operations here. It has grown rapidly.
Initially, I had a lot of reservations about coming to the city. Mumbai has been my karmabhoomi and I'd been living there for several decades. I was worried if Vadodara would provide me with the right kind of environment for a mature professional growth. Plus, my family was used to their life there. After coming here, it's fair to say that all our concerns and problems had been dispelled, all our needs met.
There are many industry bodies, associations and clubs for one to make the right professional connections. I'm myself very closely associated with Baroda Management Association - I've been the President for the past two years and even prior to that I was fairly actively associated with them.
I'm also closely associated with CII, Gujarat as the chairperson of HR - IIR panel. So, the
professional environment is industry-friendly and work opportunities are plenty. Vadodara is home to many large public sector units. There are great academic institutions here. There's no shortage in the supply of manpower.
There are top-notch medical facilities with some of India's leading doctors. The distances are short. Traffic is not a problem. It is extremely safe for my family - my wife in particular - to move around. The cost of living is low - you get to enjoy life and invest in assets equally.
We've been able to create a very good social network for our employees called Indradhanush which is a cultural as well as a sports forum. Indradhanush has created an excellent band called Melody Tanda that performs regularly here. The club also organises a lot of sporting activities - there are regular cricket matches and professionals from other industries participate in these as well.