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I'm here because my husband has a 2-year contract with ABB and have been living here for almost 6 months now. When my husband told me that we were shifting here, I had no idea what or where Vadodara was. I googled it and the university with its beautiful building showed up. So I thought it might be interesting. In spite of my orientation where I was shown the architecture, the open green spaces, the people, I had some basic questions regarding quality of education, safety and language barrier.
And as it has turned out, it's an incredibly safe place, people are very helpful, nice and welcoming children go to an international school here - the first week onwards, we felt we have friends here - everyone wants to connect. If I'm standing in front of a vegetable store and I haven't got a clue what the vegetables are, people come and help me - people who don't even know English.
I have realised that it's a great place to live - my husband's working hard, my children are happy - for any young family, it's a perfect setting.
There are loads of interesting buildings here, lots of interesting period houses - you see heritage and that's something I haven't seen anywhere else. There's a stunning university here with beautiful campuses and students from all over the world. We love the Indian food here. There are these herbs and vegetables that I haven't seen anywhere. For the international food stuff, there are quite a few well-stocked shops around - Italian pasta, sauces, cheese, meat - you get everything here.
When we go back, I'm really going to miss the people of Vadodara - their sincere smiles, the warmth, the food, the laughs - I would miss the culture and the cultural misunderstandings - everyday you learn something new about this place and its people - it's wonderful.
Agnes Bachmann Hoffmann
Homemaker from Switzerland; Husband's work brought her here for two years; Came with a lot of apprehension, none remain today; Big fan of Vadodara's people, buildings and food; Would miss Vadodara for its culture and people, when she leaves.