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I would say Vadodara is one of the finest and the most beautiful cities to settle down in. Great people. Short distances. Less traffic. Good schools. Brilliant hospitals. Decent roads. Lots of malls, multiplexes, cafes. Amazing bookstores - the works. It's also very well placed with great connectivity both by road and by air - you can reach Mumbai in 40 minutes and Delhi in about an hour.
Vadodara is also growing rapidly. Linde,
Siemens, Bombardier, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, L&T - all of them have a very strong presence here. A lot of expats come here on assignments. Plus, the people here are very fond of going out and having a good time. They love to try different cuisines. So, looking at this growing market, we decided to get into restaurants. On an average - Little Italy gets 25-30 expats and Mainland China gets around 30-40 expat guests.
Bharat Shah
Restaurateur, Mainland China
& Little Italy - Vadodara
A Barodian; was living in Los Angeles. Was keen to grow with the growing Vadodara. Returned and set up speciality restaurants.