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Bhejash Joshi
Co-Founder, A.Live Mind
Born in Vadodara, did his schooling in California, pursued Bachelors and Masters in San Jose. Was a consultant in NASA, set-up enterprises in the US. Love for the motherland motivated him to take a sabbatical while pursuing his Ph.D at Stanford and he, along with his business, landed in Hyderabad. The tug for his hometown has brought him back to Vadodara.
Over 14 years ago, people over here were too relaxed. But now, I am seeing that people are ambitious. This city is very inviting. Wherever we go we are very well accepted whether it's us or our product. It's always easy to make connections and get assistance for our work.
The best thing about Vadodara is its size and its population. While it is small and not as big as Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi or even Ahmedabad, it has everything. We wouldn't have so much conviction in our business if we were in some other city.